Megan Thee Stallion dating history: from Moneybagg Yo to Pardison Fontaine

23 February 2021, 17:30

Megan Thee Stallion dating history: from Moneybagg Yo to Pardison Fontaine. Picture: Getty

Who is Megan Thee Stallion dating? Who are her ex-boyfriends? Here's everything we know about Megan's dating history.

Megan Thee Stallion has recently revealed that she has a new rapper beau, who goes by the name of Pardison Fontaine.

Who is Megan Thee Stallion's new boyfriend Pardison Fontaine?

During an Instagram Live, the 26-year-old rapstress confirmed that they are officially in a relationship together.

Fontaine went extravagant for Valentine's Day, surprising Meg to a private jet decorated in red roses, to a special personalised lunch.

But who is Megan Thee Stallion's new boyfriend? And who has she dated prior to him?

Find out more about the "WAP" dating history here.

  1. Pardison Fontaine

    Pardison Fontaine. Picture: Getty

    Megan Thee Stallion and rapper Pardison Fontaine went publicly official with their relationship on Friday (Feb 19).

    The rapstress took to Instagram Live and began gushing when fans asked about their Valentine's Day date.

    She also shut down claims that they were heard arguing in a video, telling her fans: "I don't be liking some of the stuff on the internet."

    Meg continued "People don't know what the hell they talking about, they just be saying anything".

    "I didn't like what they was trying to say about Pardi. Cause he is so calm and so sweet. And very, you know. That's my boo. And I really like him!"'.

    On Valentine's Day, Fontaine surprised Megan with private jet, which had huge floral arrangements.

    He also Pardison treated her to a pecial lunch menu:'Pardi with a Hottie.'

  2. Michael Beasley

    Michael Beasley. Picture: Getty

    Michael Beasley, who signed with the Brooklyn Nets to return to the NBA – shoot his shot in more ways than one.

    The basketball star expressed his interest in rapstress Megan Thee Stallion last year.

    In July, when Megan uploaded a bikini selfie on Instagram, Beasley saw his opportunity and he wasn't going to let it pass him by.

    Beasley commented "You got it" with multiple lovestruck and drooling face emojis.

    This sparked dating rumours between the two on social media.

    However, it doesn't seem anything came of Beasley shooting his shot.

  3. Tory Lanez

    Tory Lanez. Picture: Getty

    Megan Thee Stallion and rapper Tory Lanez sparked dating rumours in April 2020 after spending a considerable amount of time with each other.

    The pair linked up a lot at each other's houses during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading many to believe they were together.

    Meg and Tory were spotted vibing to music and drinking together. Their chemistry was undeniable, causing fans to be excited for the two.

    However, all the good things came to an end on July 12th, when Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan in her foot, after having an hearted argument in an SUV car.

    Three months after the shooting, Tory expressed that he was "still friends" with Megan, to which she replied "This n****s genuinely crazy"

  4. G-Eazy

    G-Eazy. Picture: Getty

    Megan Thee Stallion and rapper G-Eazy were rumoured to be dating in February 2020, after getting really close over the Super Bowl weekend in Miami.

    G-Eazy was spotted cuddling the ‘WAP' rapstress, and kissed her on the cheek in a video, which he quickly deleted.

    Video clips of the pair looking intimate in a club leaked online, adding fuel to the dating rumours.

    However, Megan addressed the romance rumours, writing “Lol alright nowww y’all got all y’all jokes out,” on Twitter, “but I am not f*cking G Eazy.”

    A few months after Megan's denial of their relationship, another video appeared online.

    In the clip, Meg is seen swerving G-Eazy as he leans in for a kiss from the same night.

  5. Trey Songz

    Trey Songz. Picture: Getty

    Megan Thee Stallion and singer Trey Songz dating rumours began swirling after the pair were spotted looking intimate at a club together.

    At that time, reports claimed the pair had hung out together for a Halloween celebration.

    Meg and Trey were also spotted together again on his birthday.

    However, Megan shut down the dating rumours, writing: "If I ain’t claiming him he ain’t mine ...SIMPLE" she tweeted in November 2019.

  6. Moneybagg Yo

    Moneybagg Yo. Picture: Getty

    Megan Thee Stallion and rapper Moneybagg Yo were rumoured to be dating in 2019 after the pair were spotted together on several occasions.

    They also shared photos of each other on Instagram, promoting their two collaborations.

    In a January 2020 interview Rap Life with Ebro Darden, Moneybagg Yo confirmed he was in a relationship with Meg, but also spoke on their split.

    When Ebro asked “Was it being in public that made it hard or did you f*** it up?” Moneybagg Yo responded:

    “No, I just look at it like two strong personalities just bumping heads a lot. It didn’t work but I always wish her the best."

    The rapper continued "I’m really of her proud of her. The Megan y’all know and the Megan I know are two different things. Still love! No bad blood, we just didn’t see eye to eye.”

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